Termite Extermination

Termite pest control service

Termites mostly live underground and in the walls of your home, sawing into your floor joists, hollowing out your woodwork and can find ways to enter your house.

Most homes, it is difficult to keep them out, that time is essential to have a treatments termites in place. If you want to protect your particular home or business from these pests. Termites are one of the most dangerous wood destroying organisms. They dwell beneath a layer of thin brown mud like material which makes tracking them difficult.

Termites may excavate the wood so that only a very thin layer of wood is left on the surface between their cavities and the outside. As they march forward, they build mud channels to provide themselves with darkness and higher humidity which they require to survive. When you notice such marks on your walls it is an indication that your house is under attack by termites. The presence of live termites in mud tubes or within wood is, of course, certain evidence of their presence. Failure to find live termites, however, does not necessarily mean that they are not present in the structure. An inspector must be able to distinguish the difference between new and old workings. As a general rule, old mud is dry and brittle and breaks away easily. There are many methods for termite control.

Our exterminators will recommend the best treatment method or termite pest control services for your particular home or business or apartment building from these desperately destructive insects before it costs you dearly. Warriors Pest Management has been providing effective pest control services to residential & commercial.

We provide Termite Extermination services in the New York City Metropolitan area of Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Nassau and Suffolk Counties of Long Island.