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Green Pest control

green pest control services long island
Green pest control is not necessarily about eliminating the use of chemicals altogether.

Instead, it focuses on getting rid of, and controlling the pest population through preventative measures and the careful application of “safe” pesticides. We provide environmentally-sensitive ways to service your property or business. Use pest control products that keep the safety of our customers.

But not totally all chemicals utilized in pest management are believed harmful to animals and humans, and simply because chemicals are used doesn’t mean programs can’t be green. We will take care of any identified problem and treat your pest problems. Departments concentrating on green pest control use less harsh chemicals & are careful about how much of product is put down. One of the most important components of a true Green pest management program is the partnership between customer and Technician.

Children are susceptible to the toxins in conventional pest control methods because of their weaker immune systems and developing bodies. By choosing natural methods over their chemical counterparts, you can protect your kids, keep your pets healthy and maintain a population of helpful insects such as ladybugs and ground beetles. We offer pest control services for termite, cockroach, bed bugs control, insects, etc.